Udupi Homestay for Groups, Rs.1500 for 5 beds with Kitchen

Balakrishna Udupi Homestay. A self service homestay in temple city Udupi.

Sleeps up to 10 Persons in 2 apartments.
Self Service Kitchen.
Tariff starts @ Rs.1500 /per night.
(1 Apartment, 5 persons)
More details on the Tariff page

Please Read all the Pros and Cons of the property mentioned on this page before you book with us.
BALAKRISHNA UDUPI HOMESTAY : For Booking: +91 8296313913

BOOKINGS: + 91 82963 13913, How to get here? (Map & Directions)

BOOKINGS: + 91 82963 13913

  1. Please carry your own towels and toiletries
  2. Please carry an Identity card for every member in your group. You will need to email copies of these at the time of booking and produce originals when you arrive. This is mandatory and non-negotiable.
  3. We accept bookings over phone. You may pay on arrival.
  4. You will need to make full advance payment before check-in. Do check the rooms and amenities before you check-in. You are free to refuse/cancel your booking, with zero cancellation charges, if not satisfied. If you have made any advance payments, your money will be refunded immediately. No questions asked.
  5. This property is provided as a vacation rental for self use and self-service on as-is basis. Please do not expect any further services from us / the property owner after you have checked in.
  6. This is a home, not a guest house. The property owners live on the ground floor of the villa and will be giving you the first floor for self-use. Please take care of the property like you would take care of your own home.
  7. While you are most welcome to have fun and enjoy your stay here. Please maintain decorum and do not create a ruckus or undue loud noise. We do not accept any disturbance to our neighbors. If such behavior is noticed, we will notify you. If the disturbance continues, we may ask you to leave. This is again non-negotiable.
  8. Please maintain cleanliness and do not soil the walls, floors, bed sheets etc.
What you may like about us:
  1. Quite and peaceful locality. Pretty Bungalows and coconut tree estates along the approach road.
  2. House located at 1.5 km from NH66 (Santhekatte Stop)
  3. Guests are provided accomodation on the First floor with a separate  staircase access
  4. Private porch / spacious balcony for view of coconut trees around
  5. Open Terrace
  6. Furnished Rooms
  7. Inverter backup
  8. Self cook options available are: Electric Hotplate, Microwave oven, Fridge, Electric Tea maker, utensils for self use
  9. UV filtered drinking water available
  10. Supermarket, Banks, ATMs, Hospitals available at 1.5 km – 2 km from house
  11. Rickshaw on call available during day time only.
  12. Pay on arrival
  13. Bird sightings around the property. Peacocks, Peahens, White Headed Eagles, Brown Bulbul, Storks are commonly seen. Squirrels are common.
What you may NOT like about us:
  1. This is a shared home space. No servants available.
  3. No lift. You have to climb stairs to fist floor. You will need to carry your own luggage. Please take note of this if you plan to have elderly guests or infants in your group. Also if you plan to carry heavy baggage.
  4. No TV
  5. No Generator, Inverter backup available
  6. House located at 1.5 km walk from National Highway 66
  7. Supermarket, Banks, ATMs, Hospitals available at 1.5 km – 2 km from house. Rickshaw on call available during day time only. Not during night
  8. Please plan your stay well in advance. We are happy to host you and assist you. However, we are also a family with kids and prefer not being disturbed at night. So please think well and try to make necessary arrangements in advance. However, in case of emergencies please feel free to call out to us and we will be happy to help.
  9. There are no good restaurants near by. Food is not served on the property. You will need to cook for yourself in the kitchen on a hotplate or microwave. Alternatively, carry a parcel that you can put in the fridge and then heat when required.

Ideal for Family and Group Vacations:

Located in the temple city of Udupi, Bala Krishna udupi homestay offers a complete family holiday package. Visit temples, beaches, forests and waterfalls, light houses, islands and many more exciting things to do. If you are the restless kind, we guarantee you will not have time to spare. On the contrary, if you are looking for a relaxed vacation, there’s lots of space in our homestay and our garden for you to spend some lazy afternoons. The beaches are close by. So watch sunsets on the golden beaches to your heart’s content. In case you did not know, the beaches of Karnataka are very clean and uncrowded. Almost virgin. Little children with their parents are a common sight here.

Things to do near Bala Krishna udupi homestay:

The Malpe beach with a view of the St.Mary’s island and the Maple shipyard is a tourist favorite . Take a romantic boat ride to St.Mary’s Island. You can also enjoy some great water sports here. Banana rides, Speed boats, Para-gliding are all available on the beach. The Kaup beach with its 100 year old lighthouse never fails to delight the child in you. The ancient and renown Udupi Krishna Mutt temple with its vast “Goshala” of a 1000 cows lets you experience the spiritual side of Udupi. Near the temple, you can also go shopping for queer wooden articles or beautiful brass statues. Spare a day to visit The Lion Tiger Safari of Shimoga. You can also enjoy the Kudremukha Jungle Safari. Let us know what kind of a holiday you’d like to plan and we’ll help you design a package tailor made for you and your dear ones. Bala Krishna udupi homestay, come enjoy the warm hospitality of Udupi.

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